The State of Qatar offers many varied job opportunities as well as attractive wages due to its strong economy and low taxes. It also welcomes all foreign tourists to explore its culture and lifestyle. If you have ever decided to move to Qatar but would like to first know the way expatriates live in it, here is some information that may interest you

Qatar’s success has attracted many foreigners to reside in Qatar because of the success and continuous development, as it ranks first among the richest countries in the world.

in addition to continuous development Qatar is preparing for the 2022 World Cup matches, and in view of the successive growth in economic sectors due to oil and gas extraction and its active participation in foreign investments.

The Qatari economy is showing strong performance with a rapid increase in GDP of 4% during 2018.

Moreover, and in the hope that the Qatar National Vision 2030 will be realized, as this vision constitutes a beacon that directs the country’s social, economic, human, and environmental development in the coming decades.

Employment in Qatar

The most attractive things for foreigners to the State of Qatar are tax exemption and the continuous development and progress.

Providing the requirements of foreigners in various sectors of education and career development has become necessary, as you can now secure a job in Qatar even before you reach it, and the employment sector for expatriates includes the educational sector and the work sector Private and governmental work.

Qatari culture and its diversity

Qatar is one of the countries that work to receive and embrace expatriates from other cultures.

Therefore, the Qatari cultural community is very diverse. However, there are some special rules of following religious instructions in the country, such as the laws for wearing uncovered clothing in public facilities.

Many expatriates tend to adapt to the culture and traditions of Qatar despite its diversity, as the Qatari society consists of a large number of expatriates from different cultures, and despite this, Arab culture and Qatari religious traditions still prevail in daily life.


Qatar weather is one of the things favored by expatriates and foreigners, where predominantly warmth on climate, while temperatures reach 50 degrees Celsius during the summer.

Many expatriates tend to prefer this climate given the change it represents for them to become exposed to balanced weather compared to the cold western climate they are accustomed to.

Education in Qatar

The Qatar National Vision witnessed an increasing growth in the capabilities of Qatari youth and future generations.

The National Vision also focuses on the quality of education in Qatar and on providing the best, internationally recognized education.

The rapid growth of educational institutions has resulted in many nurseries, primary and secondary schools along with specialized curricula for students with special needs.

There is a non-profit foundation in Qatar called the Qatar Foundation. This institution specializes in providing high-quality education to support Qatar in its journey from an oil and gas-dependent economy to a knowledge economy by uncovering the potential of its students.

This organization consists of several research centers and 11 internationally accredited schools that offer international curricula for high school grades, as well as 12 universities from the best universities in the world from their members, as the main buildings of these universities are located in Education City.

The majors of these universities range from computing and engineering technology to the majors of medicine and foreign affairs. Therefore, Qatar Foundation is a center for research and career development that provides the opportunity for foreigners to pursue their careers at top universities. However, these universities are highly competitive, and only qualified students have a chance to be selected for admission.

Tourist attractions in Qatar

A few years ago, Qatar was a flat desert land where the Sheraton Hotel was the only building located between its coasts. Now, the coast is surrounded by many commercial buildings that form the modern view of Doha, making it one of the favorite attractions for tourists and locals on the Doha Corniche.

Other attractions in Qatar include cultural places such as Katara Cultural Village and Souq Waqif, which represent Qatar’s ancient culture and traditions with Arab architecture, which symbolizes that Qatar still maintains its heritage and cultural value despite the modernity that is attached to it.

If you are planning to go spend a good time playing water sports on a sunny day with your family members, the Aqua Park is the ideal place to indulge in practicing this kind of sports whether you are in the mood for swimming or riding those water games with your children, Aqua Park It is the perfect place for you. In Qatar, there are other places of entertainment that include desert safaris, beaches, and a huge number of shopping centers spread in different areas.

Banana Island Resort is located in Doha, managed by Anantara, with water villas on Banana Island, which has the shape of the Golden Crescent, which is located off the coast of downtown Doha, and is a suitable haven for family adventures and excitement in the ocean and is a quiet place to restore mental health.

The cost of living

whatever the reasons that prompted you to be in Qatar, whether it was for a vacation or moving to it because you got a new job offer, there is no doubt that the cost of living in Qatar can be relatively high due to the high standard of living there, but salaries and benefits can It helps expats balance their budgets based on their lifestyle.

The cost of living also includes the costs of accommodation and transportation. The costs of renting a property range from 3,000 to 12,000 Qatari riyals, depending on the location and type of housing unit requested. Another cost to consider is the transportation cost which is sometimes covered in the monthly salary, the good news is that gasoline in Qatar is generally cheaper and thus transportation costs are not really a problem given that they are usually covered in the monthly salary.

The role of women in Qatari society

During the past few years, women have occupied an important role in the education and work sectors in Qatar, where women play an important role in their development with the support of the political leadership and society without abandoning Islamic culture and traditions, as women continue to rise in various leadership roles in Qatar and are treated fairly in all sectors. Whether in the work sector or education.

As part of Qatar National Vision 2030, there are many national legislations, policies, and strategies adopted to empower women and provide them with the opportunity to participate effectively in the development process.



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