Do you want to join the Largest companies

in Qatar?

Employment campaign in various fields for both genders with high, medium or without qualifications, to work in the State of Qatar, with immediate contracts and salaries, up to 10,000$. Salary is determined by the job

In order to be accepted and travel to work in Qatar, you must successfully pass the registration steps which are:

After careful consideration of all applications, suitable candidates will be shortlisted and invited to interview – in person or via video/Voice call.

Please note that we often conduct several rounds of interviews to make sure we get the very best people.

After we’ve found the right person for the job, we ask for several documents from you and then draft a job offer. Once accepted, we start the mobilisation and onboarding process.

If you are selected, you will not need to pay any tax fees or deposit any amount into your bank account, all you need to have :

candidates opinions


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