The State of Qatar seeks to build an active, vibrant and safe sector that contributes to the promotion of a diverse national economy that benefits all segments of Qatari society, by promoting digital government and cybersecurity initiatives.

The Qatar Digital Government initiatives aim to support digital transformation in the government sector in line with the Qatar Digital Government 2020 strategy in an effort to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of government and make it closer to the public, individuals, and institutions, and more focused on its comfort and service, thus enhancing the interaction of the government sector with citizens, residents, and businesses from Through high-quality digital services, it allows citizens to interact better with government agencies and government executives by obtaining information and tools that enhance the informed decision-making process.

The official Qatari portal for information and government e-services via the Internet “Hukoomi” has witnessed tremendous growth in recent years in terms of usage and services it provides to its users. The “Hukoomi” portal provides nearly 400 services, including more than 150 electronic services that companies, citizens, residents and visitors can complete on the Internet. You can benefit from all the services available through the Hukoomi portal by visiting the Hukoomi portal.

In light of the development of cybersecurity challenges around the world, the Ministry of Transport and Communications launched several cybersecurity initiatives aimed at protecting the systems and infrastructure of information and communication technology in the State of Qatar, by working with government agencies, public and private sector institutions, and members of the Qatari community to educate them on how to contain risks And the threats they face on the Internet, as the sector works to protect vital information on the Internet and ensure its security. This is in addition to collaborating with its counterparts around the world to create an open and secure cyberspace.


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