The State of Qatar attaches great importance to human development thanks to its wise leadership, which always emphasizes the importance of the human element as the main tributary of development.

Regular education was established in the State of Qatar in 1952, and the pace of educational development in the country accelerated to include every population group in the country for both sexes and in all stages of education up to university education.

The state established many schools, universities, colleges, and research and training centers that contributed to the development of the skills of human cadres, attracted many international schools and universities, and worked to rehabilitate the capabilities of young people, in order to meet the development needs in the country.

The State of Qatar also encourages the establishment of private educational institutions of all kinds and provides them with continuous support in the legal and supervisory aspects.

Qatar launched an initiative to develop public education in the country in 2004 under the slogan “Education for a new phase”. This initiative aims to provide the best means of education for its children. The Ministry of Education and Higher Education is responsible for drawing the educational policy in the country, developing the education plan, and supervising its implementation to achieve Qatar Vision 2030. In building the Qatari human being able to participate effectively in all aspects of life.

Education City

At the beginning of the year 1995, His Highness the Father Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, while sitting with Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, on the farm of a nearby mother, revealed a dream that His Highness had always had. Together, they envisioned the country’s future development aimed at giving Qatari citizens more options in education, health and social development on a larger scale than before. Then, together, they start implementing the vision and realizing the dream. In August of 1995, their Highnesses laid the foundation stone for the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development in Doha.

The Qatar Foundation leads efforts to achieve leadership in human, social and economic development in the State of Qatar through education and research, making it at the forefront of constructive change in the region and becoming a setting for example in the international community. Since 1996, eight international universities have opened branches in Education City, as follows: HEC Paris in Qatar, Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar, University College London in Qatar, Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar, Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar. Texas A&M University, Georgetown University – School of Foreign Service in Qatar, and Northwestern University in Qatar.



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