About us

The Supreme Committee is making great progress in building stadiums and other infrastructure projects and ensuring the contribution of the tournament and related projects to achieving the sustainable development goals that our country (Qatar) is striving to achieve.

The efforts of the Supreme Committee and its partners are continuing to implement stadium projects that will create a new history for football in Qatar and the region, in addition to infrastructure projects, accommodation facilities, transportation, and others, to ensure Qatar’s readiness to welcome the world in 2022.

We look forward to highlighting Qatar’s distinctive identity through the FIFA World Cup 2022, as it will connect people and bring them together to celebrate together football and the Arab world, which will host the tournament for the first time. Every fan in Qatar will have an exceptional atmosphere that will remain engraved in his memory, as he will feel as if he is at his home, and with his family and friends, he will experience a world of dazzling experiences that bear all the features of authentic Arab culture and hospitality.

As for the sustainable legacy that we are working to leave by hosting the tournament, its effects are beginning to be evident in various fields, through building a sustainable infrastructure, activating the role of sport in supporting the educational process, football initiatives for development, supporting innovation in the region, and commitment By improving the level of worker welfare, in order to contribute to shaping a better future for our country, Qatar, our region, Asia, and the world at large.